State of Cyclocross DVD / Photo Book

State of Cyclocross DVD / Photo Book


We believe in physical media. To watch this is to hold this. IF you want to own a copy of this film, this is the only way to get it. There are currently no plans to release on the internet. A very limited-edition hard back book of the photography that appears in the film and many more that do not. It is 60 pages and includes the DVD. It is the photographic mediation on the sport of cyclocross that this project aspires to be. Like the film, all stills in the book were shot on January 18th over 4 races. It is a clean, simple, breathtaking expression of art, design, photography and cyclocross.

This is a pre-order only. We will ship in December and then again in March.

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This very limited-edition book is a purely photographic expression of the project. Many of these still appear in the film itself, but there are also many which do not.  It was curated by Michael Jasinski and features his and Patrick Means's photography of the day at Cyclocross Nationals in January of 2018. The book is almost purely a visual experience. There is little of the written word. Michael made a strong choice to not let word interfere with your experience while viewing the stills. Michael has carefully selected each frame and made conscientious decisions as to where and and when you experience each photo. It is simple in design, yet carefully presented. 60 pages in length. It is sold with a DVD of the film.

Only 50 will be offered. 

It is the photographic meditation of cyclocross.